Taking Care of Ourselves – Four tips from Barbara Karnes

Legendary hospice nurse Barbara Karnes recently posted about taking care of ourselves.  Though her blog post is directed to healthcare professionals, here four points apply to all type of caregivers, even family caregivers.

Her four tips include:  finding a listener; journaling; cleansing; and recognizing grief.

Brain Support Network (www.brainsupportnetwork.org) runs local caregiver-only support groups, which are great places to find listeners.

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“Fear of Falling” – poem by Diane (with PSP)

We recently welcomed Diane Deaver to our local Northern California support group, which has virtual meetings for those with progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP).  Her husband Doug has joined our meetings for local PSP caregivers.

Here’s a poem about falling that Diane recently shared.  We are posting this on the first day of fall!



I live in fear of falling

Every minute, every day

With colored bruises everywhere

It’s a painful price to pay.

I like to count my blessings

Not a single broken bone

But I am used to falling

I cry and often moan.

The bruises fade, no longer show

But something deep inside

Does not recover so completely

I think it is my pride.

I live in fear of falling

Every minute, every day

It destroys all my self-confidence

It’s a mighty price to pay.

Diane Deaver
PSP Poet