“What is an Atlas CareMap?”

Atlas of Caregiving (atlasofcaregiving.com) is a nonprofit that has developed the Atlas CareMap tool to help families better understand and manage their own care situations. 

The nonprofit published this booklet, last updated in 2019, about creating a CareMap:

Seeing the Invisible: Strengthening your care ecosystem with Atlas CareMaps
by Atlas of Caregiving

The booklet provides examples of  “Atlas CareMaps” and explains how to put one together for your family.

“CareMaps” are basically drawings.  The nonprofit hopes that the drawing process causes “self-reflection and action, which also provides a catalyst for conversation.”  The objective is to better manage your “family care ecosystem (who is involved, what they do, and how they interact).”

The authors suggest drawing the caremap by hand initially.  If you want something fancier, you can use their webapp (atlascaremap.org).

The authors note that reading this booklet takes a couple of hours.  I think this is a really neat idea but I don’t know if many caregivers have that amount of time.