Other Northern / Central California Groups

This page lists all (known to us) in-person support groups in Northern/Central California for those dealing with one or more of the atypical parkinsonism disorders:

Support Groups Focused on Atypical Parkinsonisms

Brain Support Network

Who: Caregivers, family members, and friends
Diagnoses: PSP, MSA, CBD, LBD, atypical parkinsonism. Sit grouped by disorder.
Location: San Mateo
When: Sunday, 5-7pm, about every 6 weeks
Note: Must RSVP by noon the day before each meeting
Contact: Robin Riddle, [email protected], 650-814-0848

Gold River Lewy Body Group

Who: Caregivers and family members
Diagnoses: LBD. Some Alzheimer’s caregivers join in.
Location: Eskaton Lodge, Gold River
When: 2nd Thursday, 10-11:30am
Contact: Denise Davis, Alzheimer’s Association, [email protected], 916-930-9080

North Bay Lewy Body Dementia Group

Who: Caregivers and family members
Diagnoses: LBD
Location: Alzheimer’s Association office, Santa Rosa
When: 2nd Tuesday, 4:30-6pm
Contact: Carrie Healy, LCSW, [email protected], 707-321-6018, or Helen Medsger, [email protected], 707-477-1210

Support Groups Focused on Other Disorders

If there are no PSP, LBD, MSA, or CBD support groups near you, consider joining a support group for a similar disorder. It’s certainly worth trying out a Parkinson’s Disease support group in your area! Many of these PD support groups are for caregivers only, and you will find LBD, PSP, CBD, and MSA caregivers attending.

Check out these links on the Stanford University web site of PD support groups in Northern California:

Sometimes PSP and CBD caregivers attend Frontotemporal Degeneration (FTD) support groups since PSP and CBD are subtypes of FTD. Note that these groups are generally focused on the behavioral variant of frontotemporal dementia. There are FTD caregiver-only support groups in San Francisco and Sacramento. Find details here on The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration (AFTD) web site.

Finally, if you are a caregiver, consider attending a dementia caregiver support group (many of which are run by the Alzheimer’s Association such that most attendees are Alzheimer’s Disease caregivers) or a general caregiver support group. Check out these links on the Stanford University web site: