Purchasing a clock

Here’s an interesting blog post from my caregiver friend Eric, whose father-in-law has dementia, about reading time versus telling time:


Eric offers a few guidelines about clocks for those with cognitive impairments:

1-  When selecting an analog clock, look for a clear, high contrast face.

2- Simple block numbers with distinct minute and hour hands.

3- No Roman numerals and no stylized designs that omit numbers.

4- For digital clocks, be wary of displays that present too much.



Tips for Caregivers – Dr. Andrew Weil

Recently I came across Dr. Andrew Weil’s tips for caregivers in the health section of the online USA WEEKEND Magazine. (I read about it on an LBD-related discussion group.)

He insists that caregivers need to “maintain [their] own body and spirit while seeing [a] loved one through illness.”

Editor’s Note: Article no longer available


Taking care of the caregiver
It’s not all about the sick person, says the famous holistic doctor. To polish your bedside manners, follow these 8 tips.
By Andrew Weil, M.D.
May 6, 2007

Though Dr. Weil says he has eight tips for caregivers, I count nine! They are:

1- Put yourself high on the priority list.

2- Realize that you may experience resentment.

3- De-stress yourself.

4- Don’t forsake sound nutrition habits.

5- Exercise matters, too.

6- Be careful about alcohol.

7- Plan something to look forward to.

8- Find someone who has successfully done what you’re doing.

9- Be prepared to say goodbye.

As part of his suggestions, he recommends one book in particular:

“There are great books to help people deal with their feelings. A favorite of mine is ‘A Year to Live’ by Stephen Levine.”

This short article is worth reading.


Clock for meal times and bed time

My caregiver friend Eric, whose father-in-law has dementia, has developed a 24-hour “meal clock.”  His father-in-law kept getting confused as to what time it was and whether it was time to eat or sleep.  Check out Eric’s ingenious approach here:


A standard (cheap) wall clock can be modified to show standard meal times and bed time for the person you are caring.

Let me know if you give it a try and if it works for you!