Work-arounds at home for safety, ease-of-use, etc. (NY Times, 8-15-16)

Here are the useful work-arounds (“hacks,” adaptive equipment, or environmental adaptation) I picked up from an article in this Monday’s New York Times and associated reader comments:

* “[Attaching] small tactile bumps to the ‘Answer’ button and the ‘2’ and ‘8’ keys on her phone, making it easier for [someone with vision problems] to respond to and make calls.”

* “Sugru, a moldable putty that turns into rubber, can be used to round out sharp corners on furniture in order to prevent injuries.”

* One of the commenters suggested checking out this webpage on the Sugru website; it’s a how-to guide for using Sugru for “assistive technology”:

* “Rubber bands can be affixed to cups to make them easier to grip.”

* “A clothespin can be clipped to the rim of a cup with a drinking straw taped to it to hold the straw in place.”

* “[Hanging] an old stocking in a shower with a bar of soap tucked into the foot. As the soap gradually shrinks, it remains inside the stocking instead of a becoming a slipping hazard on the floor. The slightly abrasive nylon stocking material has the added benefit of exfoliating the skin.”  (One of the commenters asked:  “Who still has stockings?”)

* Another commenter suggested a “small mesh laundry bag (for lingerie) from the dollar store works well too, and usually has a drawstring.”

* One of the commenters suggested keeping shelf liner around your house, in your purse, and in your travel bag.  It’s handy for opening things and for keeping things from sliding.

Here’s a link to the full article, if you’d like to read more:

Hacks Can Ease the Trials of Aging
New York Times
By Marie Tae McDermott
August 15, 2016 6:00 am