“Women’s Friendships, in Sickness and in Health” (NYT)

Though the title of this article suggests the content is limited to “women’s friendships,” I think it’s about all friendships.

The first sentence of this article says exactly what it’s about — “A silver lining in the dark cloud of serious illness — your own or a loved one’s — is the help and caring offered by friends, and the way that help can deepen friendships.”

The article also addresses losing some friends through an illness. The example given is a woman lost her friends at the time her husband was coping with Parkinson’s.  The woman wondered:  “If a friend isn’t there when you need her, what is a friend?”

Here’s a link to the article:


Women’s Friendships, in Sickness and in Health
By Deborah Tannen
New York Times
April 25, 2017

Food for thought….