“Why we missed the signs of my mom’s Lewy body dementia”

This article by Candy Schulman was published shortly after it was announced that Robin Williams had suffered from Lewy body dementia.  Ms. Schulman has published previously about her mother’s LBD, and I’ve shared a couple of those articles*.

I think Ms. Schulman’s January 2016 article is worth sharing because of its recognition that the diagnosis of LBD can only be confirmed upon brain autopsy and the information that her mother lived for at least 10 years with LBD.  Seems like a long time…

Here’s a link to the article published last month in Next Avenue:


Why We Missed the Signs of My Mom’s Lewy Body Dementia
Robin Williams also suffered from the disease, often misdiagnosed as Alzheimer’s
Next Avenue
By Candy Schulman
January 4, 2016