“Why Many People Abandon Friends and Family” (Wall Street Journal)

Though this article is titled “Why Many People Abandon Friends and Family with Dementia–and Shouldn’t,” I think the concepts apply to those with any neurological disorder, not just dementia. Many with neurological disorders are abandoned by their friends and family.  (Or maybe I should say they are abandoned by their supposed friends and family.)

This blog post from a recent Wall Street Journal (wsj.com) is authored by Marc Agronin, MD, a geriatric psychiatrist in Miami.  He says that there’s “a lot that can be done to break negative and avoidant behaviors that impede the care and quality of life for individuals with various forms of dementia.”

Dr. Agronin suggests five basic strategies “to banish the fear and avoidance of individuals with dementia and their caregivers.”  These approaches “can make all the difference by helping them to have greater dignity, well-being and quality of life.”  The five strategies include:

1. Educate yourself about this disease.
2. Recognize the strengths that still exist.
3. Lend a hand [to the person with a disorder and their caregiver].
4. Offer some relief [to the caregiver].
5. Become an advocate for…disease awareness, early detection and research.

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Why Many People Abandon Friends and Family with Dementia–and Shouldn’t
By Marc Agronin
Apr 23, 2017 10:01 pm ET
Wall Street Journal