“When Aggression Follows Dementia” (NYT 7-12-13)

This post may be of interest to those dealing with dementia — all of the LBD caregivers, the majority of PSP caregivers, and some unknown percentage of CBD caregivers.  (Presumably no MSA caregiver is dealing with dementia.)

This article from Friday’s (July 12, 2013) “New Old Age” blog in the New York Times points out that a “sizable minority” of those with dementia — nearly 29 percent, according to a German study — have physically aggressive behavior.

Approaches mentioned in the article include:

  • placement in a suitable care facility
  • treatment of pain, infection, and depression
  • using “behavioral approaches to soothe aggressive responses,” such as letting the person with dementia have his/her way (and not arguing over tasks)
  • reduce stimulation in the environment
  • “adapt the way you communicate”
  • medication (the need for which should be re-assessed every so often)

Here’s a link to the article:


The New Old Age: Caring and Coping 
New York Times
When Aggression Follows Dementia
By Paula Span
July 12, 2013, 4:38 pm