“What is Lewy Body Dementia” (11-6-15 Caring.com article)

Lewy Body Dementia has been in the press a lot this week. (Probably you’ve all heard from family and friends about this.) On Wednesday, I was called by a writer with the website Caring.com. The writer wanted to do an overview of LBD and emphasize the value of caregiver support groups. After attempts to try to get the writer to contact some of our LBD caregiver support group members, I gave in for an interview as she was on a short deadline. The article was posted online today. Group member Helen M. told me it turned out okay. Judge for yourself! I played a minor role. The other people interviewed were Angela Taylor from the LBDA and a Santa Ynez Valley LBD caregiver.

See: https://www.caring.com/articles/what-is-lewy-body-dementia

What is Lewy Body Dementia?  What You Should Know About the Disease that Afflicted Robin Williams, Estelle Getty and Millions More
By Laura Dixon, Caring.com editor
Posted November 6, 2015