Webinar on alpha-synuclein and Lewy bodies

Tomorrow’s Michael J. Fox Foundation “Third Thursday Webinar” may be of interest to you.  It’s from 9am to 10am California time.  The topic is alpha-synuclein protein.  This is the protein involved in Parkinson’s Disease (PD), Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), and Lewy Body Dementia (LBD).  (A different protein is involved with PSP and CBD.)  The webinar will look at research underway to determine if the aggregation of this protein causes diseases and to stop alpha-synuclein from clumping in the brain.

We all have alpha-synuclein protein in our brains.  In PD, the amount of alpha-synuclein in the brain is two or three times the normal amount.

We will also hear the term “Lewy body” on tomorrow’s webinar.  Lewy bodies are the clumps of alpha-synuclein protein that appear in PD and LBD.  Lewy bodies are NOT part of MSA.

If you can’t make the webinar tomorrow due to the time it’s being held but you are interested in the topic, I encourage you to register for the webinar.  Those who register will receive an automatic email indicating when the recording of the webinar is available online.

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