Two PSP/CBD clinical trials beginning in 8 months?

Local support group member Sharon Reichardt and I were on a conference call yesterday with Adam Boxer, MD, neurologist at UCSF’s Memory & Aging Center. Dr. Boxer shared the news that two clinical trials with experimental drugs are in the works for PSP and, hopefully, CBD.  He suggested that they may be announced in 6-8 months.  But all is quite tentative so we shouldn’t hold him to it.  These would both be single-site studies.

I asked Dr. Boxer if one of the trials would be for Rember.  He said “no.”  The experimental agents are both new.

The Davunetide trial started out at UCSF’s MAC, and then expanded worldwide. Both the Davunetide and Nypta clinical trials ended in failure last year.  So this is good news that researchers are still actively interested in research with PSP and CBD.

One reason pharmaceutical companies are interested in studying tau-related drugs in PSP (rather than in Alzheimer’s) is because those with the Richardson’s Syndrome type of PSP experience faster declines and more brain atrophy than Alzheimer’s patients in the same timeframe.

Stay tuned….