Treatment/Management of PSP – Facebook Live, Mon., Dec. 5, 3pm PT

It looks like CurePSP has abandoned the webinar format and is opting for the Facebook Live format. The next event is as follows:

Monday, December 5, 3pm PT
Perhaps one hour in length
Speaker: Jori Fleisher, MD, movement disorder specialist, NYU Langone
Topic: Answering questions on treatment and management of PSP

If you are a Facebook member, you can access CurePSP Facebook page (unless they’ve fixed their permissions problems in which case non-Facebook members can access the CurePSP FB page) and leave a specific topic or question you’d like to suggest be addressed.

CurePSP indicates that “Dr. Fleisher specializes in treating patients with neurological disorders, and can address such issues as dealing with non-motor symptoms, palliative care vs hospice, and simple tips to manage daily activities.”

Unless CurePSP has fixed its permissions problems, only those who are Facebook members can access its Facebook page either live or to view the recorded version.

Here’s a link to CurePSP’s FB page:

After the recorded version is posted, Brain Support Network will post the recorded version to the BSN Facebook page. We open our Facebook page to anyone, regardless of whether you are a Facebook member or not. Here’s a link to BSN’s FB page:

If the talk is worthwhile, I might post a transcript as I did with the last talk.