“Treasures in the Darkness”- new book for early stage LBD

A few of you visit the LBDA Forum (lbda.org). One of the Forum members is “pat,” who is Pat Snyder from North Carolina. In April 2012, her book titled “Treasures in the Darkness: Extended Early Stage of Lewy Body Dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s Disease” was published. It’s for families dealing with early-stages. She said that when her husband John was diagnosed with LBD in 2007, there was no “survival manual” or guidance on handling the early stage. She describes him as still being in the early stage of LBD, five years later.

I’m not sure why AD and PD were added to the title. Perhaps because not many have heard of “Lewy Body Dementia”?

If anyone gets the book and is willing to donate it to the support group after you’ve read it, you are welcome to do so! We have quite a few books circulating among group members — most of the copies have been donated by group members.


Here’s a short description from amazon.com:

“Your husband has Lewy Body Disease. It has elements of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.” How do you cope when you hear those horrible words? Are there medicines that can help with symptoms? Is there no hope? If your loved one is in the early stage, there is hope. As a caregiver there are things you can do for a person with degenerative cognitive disease to make your daily lives better. There may even be blessings you never thought could happen to you in this journey. This book is about that very thing. It is real. It happened. Some of it happened because of the choices made by a caregiver who would not settle for a “gloom and doom life is all over” approach. It is a first of its kind. There is no other book that addresses the topic of enhancing and extending the early stage of LBD. If you are an early stage caregiver, this story may help you. It has tips on how to make a difference.