Tips for replying to false accusations, rude talk, or incomplete verbal requests

This post may be of interest to those dealing with communication problems caused by dementia including false accusations, loss of verbal impulse control, and inability to complete a verbal request.

In this short article on, Teepa Snow, a dementia care expert, shares three common communication breakdowns caused by dementia —

1- false accusations:  often directed toward those most involved in their care simply because those are the people they see the most.

2- loss of verbal impulse control:  perhaps someone who used to be quite polite suddenly becomes unable to hold his/her tongue and says something rude or inconsiderate, even with some expletives thrown in.

3- inability to complete a verbal request:  the care recipient cannot be specific in his/her comments or requests.  The examples given is saying “I need….” but being unable to finish the sentence.

Ms. Snow outlines “how caregivers can respond in a way that will diffuse tension and make their elderly loved one feel better.”

The article is worth checking out:

Things People With Dementia Say: Common Phrases and How to Reply
by Anne-Marie Botek

Thanks to BSN volunteer Denise Dagan for evaluating the article for us!