Suggestions for those dealing with neurological disorders (FTD)

Recently I had the opportunity to present at The AFTD (Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration) conference in San Diego. And a generous donor to Brain Support Network has enabled us to offer grants to assist FTD families in need with brain donation.

Because of this flurry of activity with The AFTD, I’ve been checking out the resources on their website ( Tonight, I came across a great list of suggestions from people with FTD (frontotemoral dementia) for people with FTD, and their family and friends. Though the list refers in a few places to “FTD,” just substitute the disorder you are dealing with and I’m sure you’ll still find the list applicable to your family.

The list includes suggestions such as:

  • Accept the diagnosis.
  • Learn about your diagnosis.
  • Mourn the losses.
  • Think of the symptoms as disabilities.
  • Create a team.
  • Find support.
  • Pick your battles.
  • Address changing relationships.
  • Participate in research.

See the full article here:

Suggestions from people with FTD for people with FTD (and their family and friends)
The AFTD website