Son Joey’s video chronicles of his mom’s LBD journey

Molly Daley was diagnosed two years ago with Lewy Body Dementia at the age of 65.  Her son Joey, who is her caregiver, is chronicling her decline via a video blog (“vlog”).  Joey makes a video with his mom every time he picks her up from the nursing home where she lives.  “He hopes his videos will spread awareness of dementia and inspire people to hold on to their loved ones while they can.”

Unlike many with LBD, she has difficulty remembering events and recognizing people.  (It could be that she has Alzheimer’s as well as LBD as they frequently co-occur.)  Molly cannot perform some daily tasks, like brushing her teeth.

Here’s a link to a short Yahoo!News story about Joey’s vlog:

And here’s a link to Joey’s 28 “episodes” with his mother:

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