Some resources recommended by “Care to Plan” tool

“Care to Plan” ( is an online tool developed by the University of Minnesota for caregivers to those with memory loss.  Supposedly this “tool can help find support that is right for you.”

Four resources suggested by the tool (with some supplemental info provided by me) include:

#1 – Savvy Caregiver Course
* designed for caregivers of those with memory loss or dementia
* taught in person at many Alzheimer’s Association offices (
* available via DVD from HealthCare Interactive (

#2 – Powerful Tools for Caregivers Course
* 6-week course designed for family caregivers
* taught in person at many local area agencies on aging (find an agency near you via
* book available in English or Spanish via publisher (

#3 – Family Caregiver Alliance
* lots of publications on their website (

#4 – Hire a geriatric care manager
* find one via their national association, Aging Life Care (

Based on a review I read of the website by a Brain Support Network volunteer, those resources seem to be the full value of the tool.

The reviewer said:  “This online tool purports to determine your most immediate problem with a few simple questions, and direct you to a few appropriate resources to address it.  In reality, every outcome seems to direct you to the Alzheimer’s Association and their Savvy Caregiver course, your local Area Agency on Aging and their Powerful Tools for Caregivers course, and the Family Caregiver Alliance for all kinds of programs near you.  Excellent resources, to be sure, but certainly not individualized.”

By the way, Family Caregiver Alliance only has programs in the San Francisco Bay Area though it’s website has terrific publications.

I also noticed that one of the developers of this tool is a paid consultant of HealthCare Interactive.

So, I agree that the tool isn’t worth checking out….