Put Local Emergency Phone # in Your Cell Phone

Though this is of general interest, caregivers especially should take note!

I attended a CPR and first aid class today given by my local Red Cross chapter.  One suggestion I picked up from the class is that all of us should put our city’s local emergency phone number in our cell phones so it’s handy in case of emergency.  It’s always best to call 911 from a land line but if you only have access to your cell phone, calling 911 is not recommended because it’s not really an emergency number if called from a cell phone.  To reach an emergency number on your cell phone, it’s best to call the local emergency phone number.  I live in Menlo Park, so I will program the Menlo Park emergency phone number into my cell phone.  If I’m physically in Palo Alto and call the Menlo Park phone number, my cell phone call can be easily re-routed to the Palo Alto emergency number.

You can find a list here of local emergency phone numbers for cities or communities in the Bay Area:


(That list has some strange alphabetization going on….)

If you live outside the Bay Area, you can look up your city’s local emergency phone number in your phone book.  (I think some people still use those things!)