“Purposeless groaning” in neurological disorders

I had a small chuckle at this article on a single case of “purposeless groaning” in Parkinson’s disease (PD):

OFF-Period Purposeless Groaning in Parkinsonism
Neurol India
2022 May-Jun; 70(3):1232-1234.
Vikash Agarwal, et al


My father engaged in “purposeless groaning” all the time.  It is well-known in the progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) community.

The Indian commenters on a case of someone doing this in PD, said:

[P]urposeless groaning … can be very disruptive and add significantly to caregiver burden.

Yes to disruptive.  I’m not sure about adding to “caregiver burden.”  Eventually, we got used to it and I would sometimes groan right back.

This sentence in the abstract was interesting:

It is postulated to be a disinhibitory and perseverative behavior related to overactivation of the cingulo-periaqueductal circuit; further study is needed to delineate the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms.

This is certainly a perseverative vocalization.

Do you have family members with PSP or other neurological conditions who groan?