Podcast on therapeutic deception and how dementia affects the family

In a recent episode of “The Doctor’s Art” podcast (May 16, 2023), Sandeep Jauhar, MD, PhD describes his role as a son and caregiver for a father with dementia.  Dr. Jauhar’s recent book on this subject is titled “My Father’s Brain: Life in the Shadow of Alzheimer’s.”

Listen to the podcast and/or read the transcript

While the entire 53-minute podcast is interesting, you might focus on the second half, which includes these topics:  (time stamp noted)

25:10 – Reflections on how Alzheimer’s disease affects the patient’s family, and an overview of Dr. Jauhar’s recent book “My Father’s Brain”

36:43 – A discussion of therapeutic deception, also known as validation therapy, in which caregivers and loved ones are encouraged to “play along” with the distorted reality of a patient with dementia

43:18 – The conflicts between Dr. Jauhar and his siblings concerning end-of-life care for his father

49:05 – How the medical system needs to changed so that more support is given to dementia patients and their families

The full transcript is available at the same webpage as the podcast itself.

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