“Pimavanserin Nears Approval to Treat Psychosis in Parkinson’s”

LBD folks –
This new drug is coming on the market soon for psychosis (hallucinations, delusions) in Parkinson’s Disease — pimavanserin (brand name – Nuplazid).  I imagine many with Lewy Body Dementia will be prescribed the medication as well, based on a neurologist’s willingness to prescribe a new medication.  This is a good summary of the drug’s current status.  And note Dr. Ian McKeith’s comment about prescribing this medication for those with DLB (dementia with Lewy bodies).  He’s very concerned about “neuroleptic sensitivity” in the DLB population.  Dr. McKeith is a DLB expert.


Pimavanserin Nears Approval to Treat Psychosis in Parkinson’s
06 Apr 2016