PBS Documentary Tonight and Article on Alzheimer’s Research

There’s a new PBS documentary airing tonight (January 25th) on Alzheimer’s Disease.  It’s a one-hour urgent call to action called “Alzheimer’s: Every Minute Counts.”  The point of view of the documentary is that we haven’t given enough resources to Alzheimer’s research.

There’s an article from Next Avenue about the documentary.  See:


‘Every Minute Counts’ in Battling the Threat of Alzheimer’s
A new PBS documentary airing Wednesday is an urgent call to action
Next Avenue
By Emily Gurnon, Health & Caregiving Editor
January 23, 2017

The article is an interview with Dr. Rudy Tanzi, an Alzheimer’s researcher who appears in the documentary.  He is asked about the current state and level of AD research; genetic testing; and things you can do to lower your risk of AD (Mediterranean diet, 7-8 hours/night of sleep, 10K steps/day of exercise, and stress reduction).