Oregon “Death with Dignity” Advocate Dies with CBD

A local support group member forwarded me this info about a retired Oregon MD diagnosed in 2006 with corticobasal degeneration, who died last Sunday, assisted by Oregon’s Death With Dignity Act, which he had championed:

Might you have heard about the death of Dr. Peter Goodwin of Portland, OR?

He is referred to as the Father of the Oregon “Death with Dignity” law, or assisted suicide, that allows a terminally ill patient to take their own life with the help of lethal meds supplied by a Doctor. The Oregon law was passed about 17 yrs ago.

He had been diagnosed in 2006 with CBS, and chose to end his life this past Sunday, 3/11/12, at 83 yrs old.

Google “Dr. Peter Goodwin” and you will find many sites about his work, and his passing. Here is one site that includes an interview with him:

http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504763_162- … -10391704/

(This is Robin, again….)

In the video interview with Dr. Goodwin, produced by the organization Compassion & Choices, he explains that he’s been diagnosed with a “terminal illness” for which there is “no treatment.” (2:04) He says that he’s discussed his decision to die with dignity with his four children, all of whom are “regretful but supportive.”

I don’t know many with CBD with this level of clarity and speaking ability six years after a diagnosis.