Online Video of Research Update on PSP and CBD (UCSF’s MAC, Feb 2014)

PSP and CBD folks,

Many of you attended the February 8, 2014 Research Update on PSP and CBD in San Francisco.  It was organized by UCSF’s Memory & Aging Clinic and Brain Support Network (us).  It was an impressive line-up of researchers speaking on the latest in PSP and CBD — what we’ve learned and what research is underway at UCSF.

The video from this research update has finally been posted to YouTube.  The link to the first part, which is the welcome given by UCSF’s Dr. Bruce Miller and me, is here:

Welcome (and index page)
18 minutes

There’s not much content here in the “Welcome” except for Dr. Miller’s remarks with an overview of UCSF’s activities in this area.

But that first part (index) is a good place to see a list of all the presentations (on the right side).  They include:

“From Microscope to Brain Scans: Imaging Tau Pathology in PSP and CBD”
Dr. Gil Rabinovici
13 minutes

“Understanding Corticobasal Degeneration (CBD)”
Dr. Suzee Lee
14 minutes

“PSP (CBD) Genetics Familial PSP Study ‘FamPSP'”
Dr. Michael Geschwind
14 minutes

“Sleep and PSP”
Dr. Christine Walsh
7 minutes

“Contribution of Postmortem Studies for Elucidating CBD/PSP”
Dr. Lea Grinberg
12 minutes

“Swallowing Disorders in PSP & CBD”
Speech Language Pathologist Joey Laus
11 minutes

“New Therapeutic Approaches to Tau-Related Neurodegeneration”
Dr. Adam Boxer
14 minutes

“Living with PSP and CBD: Ideas for Care and Support”
Clinical Nurse Specialist Robin Ketelle
18 minutes

Q&A Panel
53 minutes

All of the talks are worth viewing.  I’d suggest listening to each part for a few minutes to determine if it’s of interest to you.  A couple of the talks were quite technical.  But there’s lots of good stuff to see.

Happy watching!