“On Living” – new book by hospice chaplain

Massachusetts hospice chaplain Kerry Egan has written a book about her talks with the dying titled “On Living.”  Next Avenue (nextavenue.com) recently talked with Kerry Egan about her book.

The interviewer asked:  What message do you hope people take away from the book?

Here is part of Kerry Egan’s answer:

“People who are dying and people who are caring for people who are dying are just normal human beings.  In our culture we have such a fear of death, and that bleeds over to people who are in the process of dying. And how very awful it must be to be doing this frightening thing — not everybody is frightened, but some are — and really want your friends and family to be with you. You’re lonely and you don’t feel good and you’re sick and you want the people you love to be with you and they’re afraid of you.  I hope people reading the book will come to this realization that there is nothing to be afraid of when people are dying. … And the caregivers of people who are dying are not saints or angels. They are just regular people, too, who also need you. If you’re afraid, that’s fine, but get over it and show up.”

Here’s a link to the Next Avenue article:


Hospice Chaplain Writes About Her Talks With the Dying
What she heard was unexpected, the ‘On Living’ author says
Next Avenue
By Emily Gurnon, Health & Caregiving Editor
January 11, 2017