New book by Parkinson’s Plus Patient Dan Brooks

Dan Brooks started a blog about his life with Parkinson’s Plus in December 2006. (Ru posted about this on The Back Porch.) The blog — at — has grown into a book, which has just been published! The book, “I Will Go On: Living with a Movement Disorder,” is available online through Amazon* for $16. Here’s some info from about the book:

“Dan was a 50-year-old husband, father and district-level administrator in a public school system, when he first noticed pronounced tremors, speech difficulties and walking problems developing. In this book, Daniel chronicles his life with a Parkinson’s Plus syndrome and explains how he dealt with the neurological decline that resulted. Read a user-friendly, patient’s explanation of the defining symptoms of these atypical Parkinsonism disorders and find out how this neurodegenerative disease progressed in Dan’s case. This book addresses the many facets of neurodegenerative diseases, while primarily focusing on Atypical Parkinsonian disorders, namely PSP, MSA, and CBD. Parkinson’s Disease is also discussed in depth. Dan tells a compelling and inspirational story of how he maintained his faith in God, while courageously facing life with a movement disorder.”

Dan’s goal is to encourage and inspire patients or caregivers as they face the challenges posed by neurodegenerative illness. He wrote to me: “Sometimes this medical condition is overwhelming, as you know, but I have adjusted and learned to accept what is happening. There is still a lot of life to live and I am very energized right now by this book project. … I am very pleased to have finished [the book]. My hope is that patients and caregivers will appreciate the patient’s viewpoint from which I write. … If I help one person with this book, it will have been worth the effort.”

You can read an overview about the book and learn more about Dan at his blog I’m sure you will agree that he’s a remarkable person! Many of us count ourselves lucky that our paths have crossed with his.


* Link to for “I Will Go On: Living with a Movement Disorder” … 597&sr=8-1