Neuroleptics and anticholinergics can be catastrophic in LBD

I recently came across an article in the Human Givens Journal ( from 2003 on the use of neuroleptics (anti-psychotics) with sometimes disastrous results in Lewy Body Dementia (LBD). A warning is also shared for anticholinergics.

In this article, the term “neuroleptics” refers to both typical and atypical anti-psychotics.

The article notes that those with LBD should avoid anticholinergics in any form, even over-the-counter cold remedies. One example of an anticholinergic that is a cold remedy is Benadryl. And usually sleeping aids have anticholinergic properties along with anti-bladder spasm meds. And on and on….

I have never found a complete list of all meds with anticholinergic properties but a website such as or do mention these problems in the “Side Effects” section.