My Life as a Caregiver (Dr. Nancy Snyderman, AARP Mag, Oct/Nov 2013)

This short article by Nancy Snyderman, MD — a medical expert on NBC News — was in the recent issue of AARP The Magazine. Here are a few things I picked up from the article:

* She says: “Perhaps the most important lesson I learned in all of this is how little we plan for the inevitable crises — and how much we all need help.”

* “Caregivers tend to patients an average of 20 hours each week, but many would agree that it often feels like more.”

* About half of all caregivers have a full-time job in addition to caregiving responsibilities.

Here’s a link to the article by Dr. Snyderman:

My Life as a Caregiver
‘When my father fell ill, I put my own life and health on hold to save his. It wasn’t easy’
AARP The Magazine,
by Nancy L. Snyderman, M.D.
October/November 2013