“Living with uncertainty” and “When the worrying won’t stop”

This post is of general interest to those of us living with uncertainty.

Hospice of the Valley (which provides hospice services to those in Santa Clara County) has a nice e-newsletter with resources for family caregivers.  In the May/June 2015 e-newsletter, which came out today, there’s a good article on living with uncertainty:


Living with uncertainty
Hospice of the Valley
May/June 2015 e-newsletter

There’s a good list of “questions to recognize and challenge [our] ‘need’ for certainty.”  One question is:

“Do your predictions focus mostly on bad things happening?” 

And there’s a related article about worrying worth checking out:


When the worrying won’t stop
Hospice of the Valley
May/June 2013 e-newsletter

In the article about worrying, this interesting suggestion is given:

“Schedule a 45-minute ‘worry time’ for yourself every day. If a worry pops up at another time, write it down for review during your next worry period.”

Seems kind of long but I like the general idea.