Iron Chef is Battling MSA (Las Vegas Sun, 12/12/13)

Last week, a news story was published in the Las Vegas Sun newspaper about the “Iron Chef” winner having MSA.  The author is journalist Robin Leach, a friend of the chef’s.

The 58-year-old chef, Kerry Simon, owns many restaurants around the US, and lives in Las Vegas.  It seems he was diagnosed at the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas, perhaps three years ago.  Mr. Simon has had symptoms for five years, including slow movements, fatigue, pain, and poor balance.  He’s now in a wheelchair fulltime.

This article describes MSA as an “aggressive form of Parkinson’s.”  He’s gone public with his diagnosis in order to “inspire others to have courage and faith that there will one day be a cure.”

The article notes that Mr. Simon is going to undergo “stem cell” treatment but no details are given.  Mr. Simon has his own website but there’s nothing about MSA there.  ….yet?

Here’s a link to the Las Vegas Sun article:  (posted today to one of the MSA-related online support groups)

Chef Kerry Simon is battling aggressive form of Parkinsons: ‘The long-term diagnosis is not good’
Las Vegas Sun
By Robin Leach
Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013 | 2 a.m.