“I was diagnosed with PSP in 2009” – what are the stages?

I received the following email:

“I was diagnossed with PSP only back in 2009. I started with the usual falling (bacwards of course and after reading the various posts, I quikly realised that this was normal as far as PSP goes.) I was very active before PSP. I also realize, that I am at the beginning stages from reading the posts. Where do I find the different stages? Are there such things – as stages? Can you help me?”

You can find some info on stages here at this post.  This document was written by laypeople (mostly caregivers). There has been discussion on the PSP Forum as to whether this document is of any value or not.

The best source of info on the clinical course “on average” of those with the two most common forms of PSP — Richardson’s Syndrome and PSP-Parkinsonism — is the “Clinical Outcomes” article by O’Sullivan, et al. Relevant posts are here.