How-to videos – getting out of bed, walking with a walker, etc.

This series of how-to videos was recently produced by CurePSP (  These videos are not specific to progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) but are applicable to anyone coping with a movement disorder.  The videos are available on CurePSP’s YouTube site:

CurePSP gave me a bunch of DVDs of these videos for our October 2012 atypical parkinsonism symposium.  I just got around to watching one of the DVDs.

There are 41 videos in the series.  The videos are divided into those which show someone how to do the activity on his/her own and show someone (family member, caregiver, aide) how to help with this activity.  The videos are short — 30 seconds to a couple of minutes.  The activities are broken down into small segments such as walking with a rolling walker and turning with a rolling walker.

Some of the 41 topics include:

* Getting Out of Bed
* Walking with a Rolling Walker
* Walking with a Cane
* Approaching a Chair
* Common Mistakes When Getting Out of a Chair
* Correctly Getting Out of a Chair
* Using the Power Stance – when brushing your teeth, for example
* Getting into Bed without a Handrail
* Getting Dressed
* Grooming Techniques
* Getting Up From a Fall

There are also some videos with strengthening exercises, upper body exercises, and flexibility exercises.  (My father’s physical therapist and occupational therapist gave my father the same exercises.)