“How do we cope with anger as a caregiver?” (Caregiver Space)

Today’s post on The Caregiver Space addresses anger, which is a normal reaction to the caregiving situation.  The author, social worker Iris Waichler, describes several things caregivers can do about feelings of anger, including:

* Recognize that you are making a difference even when it doesn’t feel that way
* Be kind to yourself
* Allow yourself respite
* Take a moment to consider why you are angry
* Incorporate some fun into your role as a caregiver
* Redirect
* Identify healthy ways to release your anger
* Don’t spend time getting upset about things you cannot control
* Recognize you cannot change past relationships

Also, Ms. Waichler says:

“The biggest mistake caregivers make is not taking time taking care of themselves. You need to identify a person you can candidly talk to about the challenges of your caregiving experience. Another great source of support are caregiver groups or on line caregiver chat sites where you know others understand and have empathy for what you are experiencing. Finally, a healthcare professional with expertise in this area can offer counseling to help.”

Here’s a link to the post:


How do we cope with anger as a caregiver?
by Iris Waichler
May 3, 2017
The Caregiver Space