Hiring a geriatric care manager – why and how

Though this article is titled “when to hire a geriatric care manager for your parent,” this article applies to all types of people who would hire geriatric care managers, not just adult children. This is a good article that covers these topics:

* how a geriatric care manager can help
* how much does a geriatric care manager cost
* how to hire a geriatric care manager
* questions to ask a geriatric care manager
* how to get started

For those in the Menlo Park area, this Wednesday there will be an excellent geriatric care manager speaking at the Parkinson’s support group meeting from 2 to 3:30pm at Little House. No RSVP is required. Come check out how she answers these questions.

Here’s a link to the full article:


When to Hire a Geriatric Care Manager for Your Parent
Getting answers to questions and having an advocate can be valuable
By Sarah Stasik
From Caring.com
April 6, 2018