Good article about loving someone with LBD (Huffington Post, Nov 10, 2015)

Probably many group members will know of Pat Snyder. She wrote a terrific book called “Treasures in the Darkness,” that circulates within our Lewy Body Dementia support group. Her book is focused on early-stage LBD. I often share the flyer about her book to those dealing with a new diagnosis.

Recently, the Huffington Post interviewed Pat Snyder. Her husband, John, died in early November–eight years after he was diagnosed. Pat believes that treatment, which started after visiting doctor #12, extended the period of mild symptoms. The stories relayed in this article are similar to what we hear at support group meetings.

This is one of the few articles published after the Robin Williams story re-emerged that I’m happy to read. (Your opinion may differ.)


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What It’s Like To Love Somebody With Lewy Body Dementia
Inside the disease that contributed to Robin Williams’ death.
by Anna Almendrala, Senior Editor, Huffington Post
Posted 11/10/2015 02:47 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2015