Fox Trial Finder Expanding to Include Atypical Parkinsonism

My name is Phil Myers and I have Parkinson’s Disease.  I have been involved with Brain Support Network (BSN) since my wife was diagnosed with progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), one of the atypical Parkinsonism diseases.  Her story is available on BSN’s website at:

BSN has partnered with the Michael J. Fox Foundation to help spread the news regarding their new effort to improve research into four atypical parkinsonism disorders — corticobasal degeneration, progressive supranuclear palsy, multiple system atrophy, and Lewy body dementia/dementia with Lewy bodies.

An ongoing issue is recruiting patients to participate in clinical trials and studies.  Fox Trial Finder is a tool that has provided information on trials and studies of research in Parkinson’s Disease.  This week, Fox Trial Finder has been expanded to include the atypical parkinsonism diseases.  Those with CBD, PSP, MSA, or LBD/DLB can now register with FTF here:

Fox Trial Finder

As a Board member of Brain Support Network, I encourage you to register and help researchers solve the mysteries of your disease of interest.

Copied below is the announcement about this from the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

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Announcement from
Michael J. Fox Foundation
July 25, 2016

Fox Trial Finder Expands to Include Atypical Parkinsonism

The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s online trial matching tool, Fox Trial Finder, is expanding to include studies and registration options for atypical parkinsonism, conditions that share some symptoms and biology with Parkinson’s disease.

Speeding research into atypical parkinsonism will advance understanding and therapies for these conditions and, perhaps, for Parkinson’s as well.

Register today for Fox Trial Finder to be matched with studies. Already registered?  Make sure your profile is up to date.

Learn more about atypical parkinsonism in our next Third Thursdays Webinar on August 18 —