“For Robin Williams, Diagnosis Came Too Late”

Thanks to LBD group member Dell for sending this link to me today.


For Robin Williams, Diagnosis Came Too Late
MD Magazine
Conference Coverage > AAN 2016
Apr 19, 2016   
Amy Jacob

Editor’s Note: Susan Schneider Williams, spouse of the late Robin Williams spoke with MD Magazine about the several symptoms the actor presented up to a year before his death that made it difficult to diagnose what he was suffering from: Lewy Body Disease (LBD).

This is an interesting (short) interview with the widow of Robin Williams with some info that I hadn’t read previously.

I’ve never heard of “inpatient neuro cognitive testing.”  Sounds more like inpatient psychiatric stay with neuropsychological testing and medication trials.

Unfortunately the term “Lewy Body Dementia” or “Dementia with Lewy Bodies” isn’t used…  Technically speaking, Lewy Body Disease can refer to Parkinson’s Disease.