Role Description: Finance Director

The tasks of the Finance Director include:

  1. Bookkeeping in QuickBooks of all income/expenses with regular reports for Board meetings;
  2. Payment of all bills and expenses, either online or via check, after authorization from CEO/President/Board;
  3. Preparation of payroll: Employees submit bi-weekly activity reports. Following approval by CEO, Finance Director submits electronically to payroll service;
  4. Reporting of overall hours by employee, case, and disorder;
  5. Processing charitable contributions and preparation of acknowledgements, notifications, and memorial contribution reports to families;
  6. Creation, printing, and mailing of memorial flyers for families requesting donations;
  7. Audit/application for D&O and EPL insurance policies (annual task);
  8. Registration for DAFs and other entities offering funding/donation matches to BSN;
  9. Manage payroll service to meet state and federal tax requirements;
  10. Preparation, along with our accountant, of Federal and State tax forms, verification of data entered, and reporting to California AG and SOS to comply with state regulations;
  11. Preparation of Menlo Park business license application (annual task);
  12. Reconciliation and reporting on all financial and investment accounts on a monthly/quarterly basis including online donations from all sources-Facebook, Amazon Smile, etc.;
  13. Disbursal of brain donation and other grants (after CEO approval);
  14. Initial handling of inquiries related to filings or reports, insurance, employment-related issues for state or federal authorities, changes in privacy or online communication rules, etc. Once importance assessed, Finance Director will refer issues to the appropriate Director/Officer;
  15. Additional special projects as agreed to by the Board (with specification of intended deadline and number of hours expected to completion).

The tasks of the Finance Director, under usual circumstances, are accomplished in no more than 15 hours/week. Special circumstances (such as unusually high charitable contribution rates, a special requirement for tax or regulatory compliance, etc.) may require additional hours. Brain Support Network’s overtime and meal and rest break policies apply to this position.

The Finance Director’s work is overseen by the Treasurer.