“Family Caregiving Isn’t Easy: Emotional Management Tips”

This article offers emotional management tips to family caregivers. See:


The Blog – Huffington Post
Family Caregiving Isn’t Easy: Emotional Management Tips
by Steve Landers, MD, MPH
Co-Authored With Michael Brustein, PsyD
Posted: 01/19/2016 8:27 am EST

This article’s authors (an MD and a clinical psychologist) note that “If you’re already experiencing emotional struggles and feeling distressed, you should promptly seek help from a primary care or mental health professional.” 

On the other hand, “If things are generally going well and you want to prevent or reduce the impact of potential emotional challenges,” the authors provide some tips for coping with caregiver anxiety, guilt, grief, and anger.

I especially liked this advice:  “Mourn the person who is no more, but engage with the person who is.”