“Exploring Positive Psychology in Caregiving” (Webinar, Thurs 6-26, 11am CA time)

Some of you may know of Janet Edmunson.  Her husband was thought to have PSP when he was alive but brain donation revealed he had CBD. (Both PSP and CBD are disorders in our local support group.)  She wrote a book titled “Finding Meaning with Charles” on what she learned as a caregiver; the book is organized around “caregiver affirmations.”

She visited the Bay Area several years ago and spoke on the topic of
“caregiver affirmations.”  She also joined several meetings with group
members.  Janet is the chair of board of CurePSP.  Plus she has been
hosting webinars for caregivers for the last couple of years.

Janet sent out this invitation recently for a 45-minute webinar
tomorrow (Thursday, June 26th, at 11am CA time) for caregivers that is hosted by eCareDiary.  If that’s not a convenient time for you, you might register anyway so that you can receive a link to a recording of the webinar.

The topic is:  Are You Emotionally Healthy? Exploring Positive Psychology in Caregiving.

If anyone participates in this webinar and is willing to share
highlights, please email me with your highlights so that I can share
with everyone here.

To get on Janet’s email list, visit her website at janetedmunson.com.



Are You Emotionally Healthy? Exploring Positive Psychology in Caregiving

Caring for someone with a debilitating illness can drain us of the
emotional health we need day-to-day.  Whether you are a pessimist or
optimist, research in positive psychology demonstrates that we can
adopt a healthier thinking style that fosters strength, creativity and
resilience. Janet Edmunson, M. Ed. and author of “Finding Meaning with Charles,” explores this exciting research and uses practical
activities to explore positive ways to get through this challenging
life experience. Join us for this FREE 30 minute Webinar followed by a 15 minute Q&A session.

Presenter: Janet Edmunson
Janet Edmunson is an inspirational speaker and author of the book,
“Finding Meaning with Charles”.

Host: Susan Baida
Susan Baida is the Co-founder of eCareDiary.

Airdate:  Thursday, June 26, 2014
Time:  02:00 PM EST
Duration:  30 min + 15 min Q&A

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