“Easing the Added Stress of Caregiving During the Holidays”

I was looking for articles on caregiver stress around the holidays, and stumbled across this one.  It’s on a website, 4therapy.com, with information about therapy, depression, etc.

Here’s an excerpt:

Stress occurs when we work too much, sleep too little, try to cope with difficult or troubling situations, and when we neglect to take good care of ourselves — all of which are typically everyday state of conditions for the millions of Americans who find themselves in the role of caregiver to an older frail, ill, or disabled relative. The added physical and emotional demands that are involved in celebrating the holidays can add to an already heavy load of caregiving responsibilities and cause feelings of stress to soar.

The article offers a long list of suggestions for family caregivers to help ease holiday stress, including:

  • Set manageable expectations and limits for yourself. Be realistic about what you can and cannot do — as well as what you want to do and don’t want to do.
  • Ask for and accept help!
  • Maintain or establish social interaction with friends and other family members. Isolation can further increase feelings of stress. Having the chance to have fun, laugh, and focus on something other than your at-home caregiving responsibilities can help you keep stress at bay and maintain emotional balance.
  • Seek emotional and moral support from other caregivers — there is great strength in knowing you are not alone.
  • Use community resources such as meal or shopping services, home-care aides, adult day services, and/or volunteer help from faith-based organizations or civic groups.
  • Try to find time for yourself to do something you especially enjoy such as reading, walking, listening to music, gardening and/or visiting with a friend.
  • Find ways to ensure you get enough rest.

Here’s a link to the article:


Easing the Added Stress of Caregiving During the Holidays
Source:  4therapy.com