“Dad’s Not All There Anymore” – novel about LBD

LBD folks:

A short (28-page) novel was recently published in the UK about a family coping with LBD:  “Dad’s Not All There Anymore” by Alex Demetris.

A few months ago, I read this short review by an LBD caregiver on one of the LBD online support groups:

Alex…calls [his book] a comic; I call it a very short (28-page) graphic novel about a family coping with LBD. The book is beautifully done — a great job of explaining Lewy body disease for the layperson, compassionate, true to life, and astonishingly, almost eerily, close to our family’s own experience. I am so impressed by it that I’ve ordered copies for each of my children.  Alex lives in the UK and the book is not available in the US. I ordered it directly from him … It costs £5 (about $8.50USD) plus shipping. I’ve encouraged Alex to consider making [his novel] available as an e-book, and he’s thinking about it. But for now, I can’t recommend the book highly enough and wanted to let everyone know.

You can see a short excerpt on the LBDA website:


If anyone gets a copy, please donate it to our BSN support group when you are finished reading it!