CurePSP Announces 2017 International Research Symposium

I’m currently at the CurePSP International Research Symposium in NJ.  It was just announced that next year’s symposium will be in San Francisco, at UCSF Mission Bay.  The symposium will be all day (8am to 8pm) on Friday, October 27th.  There’s a reception at a restaurant near Union Square on Thursday night.  The event is free, though CurePSP asks for a donation.

You can register now, if it’s of interest:

This event is for researchers — the top geneticists, stem cell biologists, and others from around the world.  Ninety percent of the content is well over my head (as it’s mostly basic science not clinical work) but I try to attend when I can to feel buoyed by the great minds working on PSP and CBD research.  Of the 100 or so people in the room, there are only three or four of us laypeople in attendance every year.

I’m thinking we can try to figure out a Brain Support Network PSP/CBD support group gathering in conjunction with the event.  Stay tuned….