“Crying in Your Car Counts as Self-Care” (NYT article)

One of the caregivers in our local support group shared this recent New York Times article on self-care.  If you can get beyond the title, she thought the article shared some good suggestions.

Those suggestions include:

  • “Finding places where you can have space for yourself to reflect and think and feel.”
  • Meditation.  Even five minutes a day.
  • Toast your confinement with a cocktail/mocktail party.
  • Keeping a gratitude, or “silver lining,” list, which you can either do yourself or as an activity with your family.

The article is here:

Crying in Your Car Counts as Self-Care
Ways to find headroom and even joy right now.
By Jessica Grose
New York Times
April 8, 2020


You might check out the comments section of the article to see additional ideas.