Conference Video and Notes – PSP+CBD Research Update and Practical Conference

A month ago, Brain Support Network and UCSF held an all-day conference on PSP and CBD.  One attendee reflected on the conference this way:  “Excellent speakers, all of them. This was a well-balanced program between research and practical.”

The morning was focused on updates from nine researchers, with two panels.  The afternoon was focused on practical information from a neurologist, a neuro-ophthalmologist, a social worker, a physical therapist, a speech therapist, a person with a PSP diagnosis, a person with a CBD diagnosis, and a person who cared for his wife with PSP.  There were also two practical panels in the afternoon.

Nine generous families sponsored the videorecording of the conference.  Brain Support Network asked a medical writer to take notes throughout the conference.

See our conference webpage —

On that page, you’ll find the:
* conference agenda
* full set of notes from the day
* link to the conference video

If you’d rather pick and choose which speakers and panels you are interested in, you can use that same webpage to find:
* each speaker’s one-page handout (distributed at the conference)
* most speakers slides (not all speakers allowed their slides to be shared)
* presentation or panel notes (prepared by BSN’s medical writer)
* video of the presentations and panels

Brain Support Network makes these conference materials available to you at no charge.  We thank the speakers, attendees, and sponsors.  Without their generosity, this conference would not have been possible.  Please support our work in hosting the conference and sharing these conference materials by making a charitable contribution today.