Compassion fatigue in caregiving and ways to take care of yourself

Though this article has “dementia caregiving” in the title, the issue of “compassion fatigue” applies to all caregivers.  In caregiving, the “demands are many” and there is not enough time to get everything done.  Any many times the person receiving care resents being helped or may not express appreciation.

The author believes caregivers can overcome compassion fatigue by caring for themselves.  She suggests several ways to care for yourself:

* don’t take outbursts personally
* be kind to yourself
* share your feelings
* talk to someone
* find support
* validate your feelings
* grieve
* have fun

This is a blog post on the Huffington Post Canada website so some of the words having British English spellings.

Find the post here:

Compassion Fatigue Is A Reality Of Dementia Caregiving
If you are connected to the world of dementia care, the demands are many. In your quest to help others, are you taking time to care for yourself?
by Gail Elliot