“Chronic Disease, Your Healthy Spouse, and Sex” (article)

Many chronic conditions (and medications used to treat these conditions) can affect sexual interest.  This is true for all of the atypical parkinsonism disorders and Parkinson’s disease.

Health Central has a good article on this topic.  Excerpt: 

Marriage is hard for everyone, but it can be even harder when one person has a chronic condition. Disease, illness, and disability can make a partner seem like a different person. That’s no one’s fault, says Laurel Wittman, board president of the Well Spouse Association…  “This is an area that people really struggle with,” she says. While some partners come together to find ways to sustain physical intimacy, for others the situation takes a huge toll on the relationship.

Read the full article here:

Chronic Disease, Your Healthy Spouse, and Sex
Health Central
March 21, 2022