“Caring for Aging Parents – Difficult but not Impossible”

A friend recently asked for advice on having “the conversation” with her father about his needing care soon.  I was sharing some of my favorite articles with her on this topic, and came across this one, which I don’t think I’ve shared here.  Though this article is from the website Free Alzheimers Support (free-alzheimers-support.com), it is not about caring for parents with dementia.  The article is dated “09/02,” which I’m guessing means September 2002.  In that case, it’s old but still has good advice.

The key points:
* have the conversation in advance
* watch for signs around the house
* ensure finances are under control
* watch for poor nutrition, injuries, or depression

Here’s a link to the article:


Caring for Aging Parents – Difficult but not Impossible
Author: Edward Francis and Foresthc.com
Free Alzheimer’s Support