“Caregiving With Siblings: Your Questions Answered” (Next Avenue)

This article will be of interest to adult children with siblings who are caring for aging parents.

Here are the highlights:

– Don’t expect equality. Find what each sibling can do and accept that it will not be equal.

– How to handle things when a sibling lives elsewhere. Make a direct ask and see what they can do.

– No one is a mind reader. Ask for the help you need.

– Know when to let it go. Disagreements are not worth causing a permanent rift in the family.

– When your sibling is out of touch. Initiate formalized, detailed communication with all siblings so everyone is in the know.

– Acknowledge each others’ strengths. Everyone can help in some way, even if it’s not the level of contribution you may want.

Here’s a link to the full article on Next Avenue:


Caregiving With Siblings: Your Questions Answered
How to handle conflict while caring for aging parents
Next Avenue
August 18, 2017
By Emily Gurnon